Healthy Futures of Texas has been a leader in curriculum development since its founding in 2006. Our programs reach a wide range of audiences, and we are incubating new projects to fill gaps in the sex ed landscape.

Big Decisions

The Big Decisions curriculum is designed to help young people make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships. It’s approved for use in 40+ Texas school districts and contains 10 easy-to-use lessons. Big Decisions is designed to vigorously—and effectively—encourage young people to postpone sexual involvement.

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big decisions

On My Way

On My Way is a groundbreaking new puberty curriculum that offers a wide range of educational activities. Middle school students learn about the social, emotional, and physical changes they are experiencing and how to navigate them. This innovative curriculum offers a robust experience for 4th to 6th graders who are navigating the ups and downs of puberty.

on my way

Key Conversations

Parents and other caregivers play a huge role in their children’s lives. Key Conversations, the companion program to Big Decisions, is two interactive parent sessions in which participants gain a better understanding of teen development, the importance of supervision, tips for improved communication, overcoming barriers to talking, and how to build stronger relationships with their children.
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Pride Guide to STIs

The Pride Guide to STIs is being developed in coordination with LGBTQ+ young adults to ensure LGBTQ+ young adults can access information about prevention, testing, and treatment for STIs. Upon completion, this curriculum will be available for free to the public.

pride guide to STI's

Brave Conversations

Brave Conversations is a 4-hour virtual or in-person workshop for child welfare professionals, foster parents, caregivers, mentors, and other supportive adults to learn how to be a safe and trustworthy resource for young people and connect with other supportive adults working through similar challenges.


THRIVE provides trauma-informed sex education to teens and young adults between the ages of 14 to 21 and is designed to meet the specific needs and concerns of youth in foster care or previously in care. THRIVE empowers young people to make informed choices about their sexual health and reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Preparing youth for a healthy future

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