Parents and guardians play an essential role in ensuring their children have healthy lives.

Our programs designed for parents, caregivers, and trusted adults empower adults to talk about sex and relationships with their teens and prepare them to navigate healthcare. We offer several programs to support parents and guardians. We offer virtual or in-person programs for your parent group, and we can coordinate it with implementation of our youth programs, like Big Decisions and On My Way.

Key conversations

Key Conversations is offered in one or two interactive parent sessions where participants gain a better understanding of teen development, the importance of supervision, tips for improved communication, overcoming barriers to talking, and how to build stronger relationships with their children. This curriculum is ideal for parents/caregivers who have adolescents ages 12-18. Interested in implementing this?

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Families Talking Together

A parent-based intervention to prevent and/or reduce sexual risk behavior among Latino and African American adolescents, and is ideal for caregivers who have youth ages 10-14. The main components are parent discussions with an interventionist and a family workbook designed to teach parents effective communication skills, build parent-adolescent relationships, help parents develop successful monitoring strategies, and teach adolescents assertiveness and refusal skills.

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Brave Conversations

Brave Conversations is a 4-hour virtual or in-person workshop for child welfare professionals, foster parents, caregivers, mentors, and other supportive adults to learn how to be a safe and trustworthy resource for young people and connect with other supportive adults working through similar challenges.

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Askable Adults

Askable Adults is a two to four hour training for youth-serving professionals, community members, and volunteers to become more approachable and knowledgeable to refer youth for sexual and reproductive health care and other related services.