We’ve curated trusted sites, books, and sources for many common questions about sex and relationships.

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Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative

TYFI helps build the capacity of health centers to improve care delivery to youth ages 10-24 through their participation in an 18-month Adolescent Champion Model developed by the Adolescent Health Initiative.

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Physicians for Reproductive Health

Doctors who use evidence, training, and organized action to champion your health care rights.

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Reproductive Health Access Project

We mobilize, train, and support clinicians to make sexual and reproductive health care accessible to everyone.

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Q Card Project

The Q Card is a communication tool designed to help LGBTQ+ youth take charge of their health and talk to their providers about their identities.

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National Coalition for Sexual Health

Helps the public take action to improve their sexual health and well-being, the NCSH produces a variety of practical tools and materials.

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Compendium of Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources

This compendium was created to help primary care providers and others improve their clinical skills in this area by compiling existing resources on sexual and reproductive health topics across the lifespan.

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